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Ryan QD Navarro

A self-taught filmmaker, serial entrepreneur and animator, capturing stories, driving brands, and creating a visual impact."

Gianluca Vacchi , Ir Sais - Para Music Video
YDK Till I Die Commercial
BDC - 4.50%
"Rom Tambu" 2020 Commercial
Cets Enlightment Trailer
El Tributo 2024 Commercial
YDK Talented Commercial
VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne "Advocaat van Vandaag"
Irsais & Rauw Alejandro - Dreamgirl Remix
Extura Commercial 2023
Flow "Connect and Save" Commercial
Kabritu Season III
Landlotterij EOY 2023 Commercial
Rojer Clinic Promo
Flow Christmas Commercials CUR-SXM-BON
Flow Carnival Commercial
YDK Kurason na Luga Commercial
El Tributo EYO 2023 Commercial
Ataniro x T-drick Feat La Diva GG
Banco di Caribe - Fiansa Commercial

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Dreamgirl - Clip Shoot - BTS - Curacao -

About Me

Masterful Filmmaking and Entrepreneurship: From Curacao to Global Acclaim

I'm Ryan QD Navarro, a self-taught filmmaker, entrepreneur, and video director from Curacao. Collaborating with music industry giants like Ir Sais and Rauw Alejandro, I've directed 100+ music videos recognized worldwide. Beyond music, I create compelling video commercials for global businesses. As owner of Bugs Bunny Snek and Domino Bar Curacao, I've earned local business awards. In the Solana community, I contribute to top NFT projects, pushing creative limits in filmmaking and animation.



Do you have questions about any of my work? Would you like to collaborate together on a project? Please feel free to get in touch with me today.

+5999 6829499

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